Victory Tour Ticket

This was to be nine inches tall, with the bottom (dark Earth) portion as the perforated tear-off ticket.
The remaining top portion was your souvenir 'stub'.

I only wish I could remember how this job came about.  I think that I was contacted by a publicity
man working with the Jacksons and I soon found myself sitting face to face with.....HIM,....Michael.

I was nervous
,.....he was confident & relaxed, a little shy but friendly and intelligent.  We discussed initial
thoughts on what this souvenir ticket might look like and eventually I told him how excited my three young
daughters were, knowing I was meeting with him that night.  He made a gesture and one of his entourage
produced three pictures which he kindly autographed to them personally,....very nice.


A couple of days later, I met all of the brothers when I brought them my rough comps for a final design direction.

They already had the torch image, in previous tour releases, so I incorporated that with  'V' (for Victory)
shaped sparkles blasting out of Michael's magic glove.  The 'brothers' each had specific clothing,
glasses, hair, and accessories in which they wished to be painted.  At one point, I even got to
watch some rehearsals, while waiting for a few moments, with them, in which to discuss details.

For me, these were a fun, friendly, and creative bunch of meetings
we all had, to get every detail nailed down.

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