Painting Studies

Years ago,... when my beard was dark, I undertook a couple of
figure painting technique studies.  Who better to study, than
one of America's greatest Art Masters, Frank Frazetta.

This one was inspired by Frazetta's "SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR",
changing the scenario from a jungle girl to a crash survivor.

Figure painting study-1 Frazetta original art

I then tried a second one based on Frazetta's "AT THE EARTH'S CORE",
and found that I began to take a liking to this sort of thing.

Figure painting study-2
Frazetta original art

These paintings are relitively small at 5.375" x 9.625"
and were a way to really study (by doing) this man's outstanding work.

If you would like to study Frazetta's work yourself, and be amazed,
visit his official website:  The FRAZETTA ART GALLERY