Magazine Interior Art

These pieces were for three articles in 'Video Games Magazine'
October 1982 - February 1983

Art for Coleco

This illustration was for an article on COLECO's ColecoVision game system.

Considered a "third-generation" programmable video game system, it was
close on the heels of ATARI and MATTEL's pioneering entertainment market.

On a personal note,...
The credit card payment system, which I included here (bottom center), had not been invented back in '82.
Now it's a very popular method of machine-play payment in Las Vegas and other entertainment venues.

Mattel Vs. Atari

This illustration was for an article on Mattel's challenge to the Atari game system.

Here is Mattel's representative, George Plimpton, up against my idea of 'Atari-Man'
with a shameless version of ME in the upper left corner of this action-packed rendering.


This picture is just what is is,....a single page, this time,
but it gave me a chance to do some fun stuff.