Design Illustration

What is illustration in design?
It is a visual representation of something that is shown in magazines, posters, books, flyers, and the like. It is usually done by an illustrator using a variety of materials. The purpose would depend on where the illustration is put. For example, if it is put in a book then it would make the reader imagine what is happening. If it is put in a poster, it is to promote something. Yes, you must have a purpose in mind whenever you decide to illustrate something. It could be practicing too if you want to become an illustrator one day.  

Should I graphic design or illustration?
You should do whatever it is you are passionate about. When it comes to career, you will find a better career path as a graphic designer. In fact, there are a lot of freelance designers who have a lot of clients so they can thrive on their own. They can work from the comforts of their own so there is no need to report to a boss. These days, the demand for graphic designers has grown. In fact, they are known to make commercial art. For example, all companies need unique logos so they turn to graphic designers. In addition, they would need to hire a graphic designer again when they need to have a poster done for their next event. The client can tell the graphic designer what they want to appear and the creative can add a few twists to the project. Of course, the graphic designer would need to research about the company to make it look even better.

What is the difference between a graphic design and an illustrator?
It is actually possible for a person to be both an illustrator and a graphic designer. A graphic designer uses computer software programs to create images while an illustrator uses whatever materials are available to do the same. Yes, a person could actually do both but it is difficult. Another difference is that graphic design is all about communicating with a large amount of people. On the other hand, the same does not hold true for an illustrator as the person just wants to draw something for a specific purpose. Another difference is that the graphic designer should finish a course in graphic design before being called a graphic designer.

What are the types of illustration?
There are many types of illustration and they all involve the different materials used to make the drawing. First, you have watercolor illustration where you make use of watercolor materials. Doing this can be a lot of fun and kids love doing it on their spare time. The watercolor materials are a little costly so some people would prefer pencil illustration even though this is usually done by hardcore artists. Another type is acrylic paint illustration and this is pretty time consuming so you would need to have a lot of patience for it. However, it is going to be pretty worth it because the end result is really beautiful. Another type is charcoal illustration which means you will need to make use of something that is pretty unusual. It may take some time to learn it but the visual representation will be adored by so many people.

What is the purpose of illustration?
The purpose is to demonstrate something as clearly as possible. One good example is when someone wants to report a crime at a police station. The police officer will most likely make the witness illustrate the person she thought committed the crime. The police officers will then assemble a group of people who resembles the illustration then the witness will point the person she thought committed the crime. The design illustration will help the people identify the suspects and it won’t be long before the right person is apprehended. Another purpose is making it a decoration. An illustrator can make something and turn it into something she would want to hang around in her room. It could be an illustration of a place she would want to go back to. The reason it is in her room is motivation to save up for it so she can go back to that place one day.

Interior Designers

What do interior designers do?
They choose the interior decorating spaces for a place. It includes colors of the wall, furniture, and appliances. They take a lot of things into consideration so you can assure they don’t do it randomly. One huge requirement for them is that they should be able to read and interpret blueprints. After that, they must know how to edit those things for the project to come out better.

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?
There are many differences between an interior designer and an interior decorator. For starters, an interior designer would need to get formal education for it. In fact, the person would need to pass an exam before she can call herself an interior designer. On the other hand, the interior decorator does not need any form of formal education to call herself that. She can just design on what paintings you would need to add to your room or she can also choose to reset the arrangement of the furniture if she feels the need to do so.

What is the 60 30 10 decorating rule?
It is a color scheme for a certain area that is meant to balance the colors throughout the space effectively. The color that will occupy 60% of the space will certainly be the one that will be the best fit for the area. Everything will work out just fine as long as the colors are assigned properly.

What is the rule of three in decorating?
It means objects look better in threes. Thus, interior designers may opt to put a bunch of things together even if they don’t really complement one another. The sole purpose of that is because they look good. One great example would be an interior designer deciding to put a vase, a family picture, and a plant together on a table. The objects were put there in random for the sole purpose of looking great.

What is the best rendering software for interior design?
Google SketchUp is the best rendering software these days. It has a bunch of templates for interior designers to use in their projects. In fact, all of them were carefully studied each one before making it available. Also, there is a free version and there is also a paid one. For designers who are serious about doing this as a means of livelihood, it would be better to opt for the paid version. It is pretty basic so it is great for those who are just starting out in their interior design careers.

How do you render a design?
Rendering refers to adding a physical attribute to a design whether it is a color or a shading. It can also involve adding a relevant image to the screen. That image can be of a person or something else as long as it is related to what the project is all about. This process is pretty much difficult especially when we are talking about a 3D project.

Artistic Career

What are the best jobs for artists?
Artists can choose between a lot of jobs and it just depends on what they like doing the most. If it involves lecturing a bunch of people who would want to become an artist one day, then why not become an art professor. You can very well groom the next Leonardo da Vinci if you think that person is in your class. On the other hand, if it involves dealing with buyers then an art gallery dealer would be more appropriate. Besides, you are going to be negotiating with these people about the prices of some of your paintings.

They will definitely want a lower price than the one you are asking. The negotiation will probably take long since both people will try to swing the argument into her favor. For a career that deals withdrawing all the time, an animator may be a better fit. You will definitely need to put your creativity into good use in this job. In fact, that is what you will depend on so it is not for people who run out of ideas pretty fast.

What is an artistic person?
It is someone who possesses creative qualities such as painting, drawing, dancing, singing and even writing. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of famous artistic individuals and there will be more in the future.

What are some creative careers?
One creative career is content writing. You will think of what to write and there are times when that will take a while. Of course, you will need to research since you can’t invent stuff. It is a must to state facts in a proper and humorous manner. Another one is acting and it is certainly one of the highest paying jobs you will ever come across. If you land a role in such a big movie project and it does real well, you will definitely get paid a lot of money. After that, you can demand a huge talent fee in your future projects and they won’t be able to argue about that. Another creative career is being a singer which would be great if you have a nice voice. It would be nice to start this career by singing at bars where you will probably get discovered by a talent scout. After that, you can perform at auditions in TV shows where you will start to rise to fame. Your career would depend on your voice so you better take good care of it by not doing anything bad to your lungs like smoking or drinking before a performance.

Is an art degree useless?
It is not useless as long as you work hard for it. Besides, there are many jobs you can apply for after having an art degree. It will work out better for you if you have some good grades to show off.

How do I turn my art into a career?
The first thing to do would be to have your own studio space at home. It won’t take a lot of effort from you as you just need to have the right materials for it to become a studio space. Also, better develop your skills by attending art workshops that are related to what you really want to do.

Is an art career worth it?
It will certainly be worth it if you love what you are doing. Besides, you can’t just be after the money in some jobs but you don’t really enjoy them that much. You may end up quitting after several weeks. It would be better to be in a career that you like and you can see yourself doing that in the years ahead of you.

What are the highest paying artistic jobs?
The first has got to be a fashion designer. Some of them are freelance and work with some famous celebrities who pay them a lot of money. They design clothes for them to wear and celebrities know they would need to always look good especially when in public. After all, they always have people following them wherever they go. An industrial designer is also a high paying artistic job and the demand for this continues to grow.